Synthetic Turf Maintenance. What your artificial surface needs

28th July 2015

One of the main benefits of opting for a synthetic sports or play surface is that the maintenance is a fraction of what is needed with a real grass pitch. With real grass you need to consider mowing, watering, weeding, reseeding, aerating, fertilizing, and painting. This process is expensive and time consuming and a real pitch is still only usable at certain times of the year. With an artificial surface the maintenance is a fraction of the cost and effort and the pitch is usable and safe in all conditions.

To say a synthetic surface needs no maintenance is wrong because with proper care your synthetic surface will perform to a higher standard and the life will be considerable extended with every STM Maintenance visit your pitch receives. 

Synthetic Turf Maintenance uses the best maintenance equipment to keep your artificial pitch at its best.

With no looking after the yarn material lies down on top of the infill and wears against it causing a premature degradation of the field and shortening the lifespan of the pitch. With a sand infill pitch the field could age more quickly than with rubber so more considerations need to be taken. There is always ¼ inch to ½ inch of yarn material exposed above the infill and this is the pile that needs to be kept upright and even which is where STM can help. 

Moss and algae can build up in damp areas on Synthetic Surfaces. STM can treat this.

Synthetic Turf Maintenance is the specialist maintenance division of STM. We are specialists in maintaining sports and schools artificial sports and play surfaces with our tailored packages.

If you are a School or Sports facility in the North East contact STM to book your FREE consultation with our Maintenance Manager. Call 01642 713555 or email