As the world of synthetic turf grows so does the demand for athletics tracks and surfaces such as long jump pits and running tracks around a MUGA. Even though these may be small areas, regular maintenance is essential to extend lifespan and ensure complete safety of the product.

Having a plan in place can set your mind at ease, there are many times that we have come across poorly maintained surfaces that need resurfacing (which is a much more costly job!) however all can be prevented in the early stages if they knew certain advice to complete maintenance in house and a contractor to out-source some more rigorous maintenance to. Simple actions such as litter picking and collecting of leaves can discourage contaminants. In addition wearing specific footwear and regular moss killing are fantastic for your surface.

As mentioned previously infill levels are the most crucial element to your surface as they hold everything together and make sure that all artificial grass is stood up in the correct direction. Not only does the infill compact the grass to give it that perfect look, but it also acts as a protective barrier for the actual turf and the yarn because it takes the brunt of the weight during any activity- perfect for athletics.

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We only carry out the maintenance if it is going to be beneficial to you, if the weather is too wet we will postpone, if the surface is in horrendous condition we may recommend a resurface instead

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