Do you want to guarantee the best playing conditions for your sports surface all year round? Do you think it is wise to risk it for another season?

Although we have fantastic maintenance packages to offer that aim to increase longevity and performance of your turf surface, we understand that sometimes surfaces do reach the end of their lifetime and need a full resurface.

As well as providing a complete design and build service for synthetic turf, STM offers ongoing artificial turf maintenance through our specialist maintenance company, Synthetic Turf Maintenance. Whether you’re an existing customer or new to the world of artificial turf, we’re happy to discuss your options.

When a sports pitch reaches the end of its lifespan it is likely to need a pitch resurfacing to return it back to its peak condition. STM can provide over 15 years of experience working with artificial turf and a team of highly qualified and dedicated installers. So whether it be a tennis, hockey, football, rugby or other sports pitch choosing STM means you are getting a top service with high quality products from British suppliers. 

Over the years STM have resurfaced tennis courts at the country’s top clubs, school sports pitches, international level hockey surfaces and even single courts at private residencies. We can meet any club’s sport’s needs.

Our products are all recognised by some of the top sporting organisations such as the International Tennis Federation and FIFA. To add to this, all of our synthetic turf surfaces are fully tested and protected with guarantees and warranties from both ourselves and our UK based manufacturers.

If there are still questions that you would like answered, please do not hesitate to call Synthetic Turf Maintenance and we will be happy to discuss your artificial grass needs.

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