Tennis can be played on a variety of different surfaces but if your court is made from artificial grass (synthetic turf) then you are in the right place. Tennis court surfaces should be well looked after and maintained both in house and out sourced to generate the best possible playing surface.

There are many different providers of artificial turf tennis surfaces which consist of different pile heights, textures, densities, quality and so on… STM can offer a maintenance on any tennis court surface even if we did not install it. We have worked with International Tennis Federation approved turf products therefore we understand what is required to create that perfect surface and always have this at the front of our company values during maintenance. Following on from this, tennis court artificial turf usually has a shorter pile height than other grass however this still means that contaminants can penetrate into the turf and cause problems for you which can be easily avoidable.

There are a number of properties tennis artificial turf has that provide the best playing surface for the sport however due to the frequency the sport is played and the areas of the surface used infill levels can change and the sand can often move around the court which could cause a lot of damage to the surface as sand acts as a protective barrier during play. Tennis is a sport that is particularly susceptible to this because the same areas are used.

Rugby pitch marking

Wear and tear over time is something that cannot completely be avoided no matter how much you look after your surface. Unfortunately seams can come away and joints can be broken; this is more common with outdoor tennis courts as cold and wet weather can contribute more to this. 

Pitch markings are part of our corrective maintenance service and we aim to repair these so that your tennis court can be used in a safe way all year round. 

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Emergency Maintenance

If there are still questions that you would like answered, please do not hesitate to call Synthetic Turf Maintenance and we will be happy to discuss your artificial grass needs.

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