Rugby artificial grass needs to be tough and designed to enhance players’ performance and last for years but in order to do this regular maintenance needs to be invested in to ensure that hard falls and heavy tackles don’t rip the seams and cause a health and safety issue resulting in an unusable pitch.

Outdoor rugby pitches cannot avoid the bad weather therefore it is important to make sure that the life of the pitch is maximised and drainage doesn’t get clogged up! Unfortunately, contaminants can penetrate into artificial turf surfaces from air born particles and other items that are not supposed to be on the surface such as leaves and litter. Power sweeping and specialist de-compaction can be outsourced to STM to remove the smallest of particles and help with cleaning your artificial turf if you are having problems with drainage of the artificial turf. 

If you are unsure about which one your surface requires browse to our preventative maintenance section or contact us.

Rugby pitches need to withstand hard landings and that is why we have worked with International Rugby Federation approved rugby turf to make sure that we know what is expected of rugby turf to provide the best possible result for you and your pitch.

Rugby pitch infill is exceptionally important and should always be monitored. This is because it acts as a support mechanism for the artificial grass and protects the grass (obviously very important with rugby!) Gradually over time, infill can move towards the edges of the rugby pitch to the areas that are not used as much so it is important to redistribute the infill back to its initial state.

STM do this by using a specialist machine to help move the sand infill. There are also other benefits of making sure that your sand and rubber infill is monitored regularly. Remember there will be tonnes of sand in your rugby pitch and these act as a shock absorber in rugby as the sand will take the brunt of the fall therefore not damaging the yarn. 

Rugby pitch marking


Did you know that if you have one tear in your rugby pitch, and sand infill gets into the seam, the abrasiveness of the sand can lead to further seams coming away. TIP: make sure that you have seams repaired as soon as possible!

Emergency Maintenance

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