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Even though artificial grass is much less maintenance than alternatives such as natural grass, it still needs looking after regularly. Safety is a priority and you need to know that everyone using the surface can perform to the best of their ability on a durable surface. For facilities that are being used everyday, regular maintenance to inspect possible safety concerns should be a priority. Synthetic Turf Maintenance offer annually, bi-annually and quarterly maintenance packages as well as individual maintenances.

Sports pitch maintenance is a vital part in anyone's sports facility, whether that be a hockey pitch, tennis court, or a football pitch.

The infill levels of your pitch will become low, due to it being flicked up into players’ shoes or flicked out of the surface through the fence. With regular maintenance, infill levels can be checked and kept a record of ensuring that the surface never runs too low on infill. Infill levels can often be dispersed to the outer edges of the surface through excessive play through the centre of the surface, so regular maintenance ensures the even distribution of the infill to locate it back to the middle section. These levels need to be kept even as to make certain that all of the yarn is being protected, if it is not, weak spots will start to develop, eventually leading to bald patched, which are essentially not pretty and also a very big health and safety hazard.

One of the major problems with some sports surfaces is that debris clearance is usually limited to shifting the debris to the outer edges and corners of the surface. This is not sufficient as then the piles of debris become damp due to the weather, and then the climate changing from warm to cold and then back again. This encourages moss and algae and can be a huge problem for a number of different reasons. Once moss takes hold it can spread very quickly, it is difficult to remove fully and even so the process of the removal is not a fast one and once moss and algae get wet it can be very slippery. 

This is usually more of a problem in shorter, tight knit piled surfaces, but can occur on longer pile surfaces such as 3G’s too!

Sometimes if a base has not been prepared properly you can end up with appearing creases, diverts or even sink holes. Regular maintenance means that if these issues do arise they can be noted, logged, monitored and then rectified to stop any possible tripping hazards or eliminate the opportunity for standing water to develop. A more common problem with base works is that when the weather turns nasty on older builds you can get sludge and grime seeping up through the carpet from the ground works, which can then lead to the sand becoming contaminated and again turning very hard like concrete, which in turn provides a slippery surface, along with not looking too nice either.

Moving away from the surface, but still an integral part of maintenance is the condition of the surrounding area, such as the kick boards and the fencing… Are they still in good condition? Furthermore, you need to keep a watchful eye on the surrounding vegetation encroaching onto the surface.

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What maintenance schedule do we recommend?

Bi-Annual Maintenance

Quarterly Maintenance

One to be completed in Autumn or Winter months:

Giving the surface a good clean after the horrendous winter weather, in turn getting it looking its best for summer; whilst also getting the yarn of the surface in great condition to cope with the extra use surfaces endure in the summer months. 

Giving the surface a good clean after the excessive use from the summer months, whilst getting the surface in great condition giving your surface the best possible chance of handling and looking great through the following years winter weather. 

One maintenance to be completed in Spring/Summer

Most surfaces are used more frequently in the dryer months, therefore we always recommend a maintenance when weather conditions are decent.

For regular used areas that are played on frequently throughout the day, these should receive a more often and scheduled maintenance package. 

Therefore we offer a quarterly service which we suggest is completed in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. 

The main reason is to keep the health and safety of the users as the most important element. 

The health and safety aspect of it is that the maintenance process cleans the surface of any contaminants, e.g. hair, dust, skin, mud, contaminated infill and moss. Having a regular visit by a Synthetic Turf Maintenance operative gives you the benefit of letting us spot any defaults or repairs needed on your surface.

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