It is always important to carry out maintenance to keep your artificial turf surface at its very best all year long!

Corrective maintenance is important as usually it means that any problem with the surface is rectified as soon as possible, meaning you stop the chances of any weak sports developing on/in the surface. This means you are once again left with a great surface which then, in turn, means that there should be no health and safety issues such as tripping hazards.

When do you need corrective maintenance?

This form of synthetic turf maintenance is used for repairing your artificial turf so whether it is a seam repair for your football pitch or re-marking of your playground, we can complete this as part of corrective maintenance.

All types of artificial turf can suffer from wear and tear over a period of time, even with the advancements in glues and tape sometimes we cannot avoid seams coming away. Synthetic turf seams can come apart and life which is unescapable but can be easily fixed by STM’s team of dedicated installers. There are certain areas (e.g. football goal boxes) where seams lift more than other parts of the surface.

Changing weather conditions and excessive usage can cause a certain degree of weakness in the joins and break down the glue. In addition, if incorrect footwear is worn this may also have an adverse effect on the performance of the artificial grass surface and could damage the pile.

To make sure that seams don’t get further damage the first step is to address the damage as soon as possible and organise for the seam to be repaired, if this is not carried out the seam will get worse much more quickly and a simple seam repair could turn into something much more. For more information on emergency maintenance please click here.

Seam repairs involve a gluing process to re-stabilise, re-strengthen and renew an area of an artificial turf surface.

One of the most important things to bear in mind is that if seam damage is not repaired this is often a health and safety risk to anyone using the artificial grass surface as there will be an increased risk of falling or tripping on the turf.

Large areas of damage can be replaced altogether, we specialise in resurfacing your artificial turf surface, for additional information on this please browse to our resurfacing section by clicking here.

Some types of synthetic turf surfaces, especially sports pitches, require regular granular top ups because of de-compaction of the infill and general movement of the infill due to activity and weather (wind). Keeping the infill at the correct level is crucial to reduce general wear and tear that is caused when the surface is used, this is because the infill acts as a protective barrier on the artificial grass surface and helps with the performance.

Synthetic Turf Maintenance have specialist equipment which is the most advanced in artificial turf maintenance to carry out granular top ups and ensuring the grade match and infill rate match the specification of the artificial grass.

Artificial turf sports pitches have line markings that are cut into the turf and most likely glued into the surface. Well used areas such as penalty sports, corner flags and other various pitch markings can often come away and need repairing. Usually this is caused by general wear and tear however contact sports where tackles are performed can also cause pitch markings to come away or even rip. This must be repaired as soon as possible as it is a major safety concern.

If new line markings need to be cut into your pitch, re-marking can be considered however the turf type would need to be matched up.

Sprayed on artificial turf markings do not last therefore we recommend that you always choose cut in artificial turf markings. If you have any questions about the line markings on your artificial turf pitch, please give us a call on 01642 713 555.

To read more on sports pitch maintenace, please click here.

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