Hockey pitches are usually made from a super durable turf that is perfect for the usage of a hockey pitch however even the highest quality hockey pitches need regular maintenance. Synthetic Turf Maintenance offers bespoke maintenance packages tailored to you to ensure your hockey pitch perform as at is optimum in terms of longevity and durability.

Over the past few years, hockey pitches have advanced highly in terms of their playing surfaces to ensure that ball roll is perfected and an easy glide across the surface during play. STM have worked with International Hockey Federation approved artificial turf to ensure that our values are in line with the recommended specifications for hockey surfaces, including:

  • Sand dressed infill
  • Rubber pad
  • Pitch marking

We also work on both wet and dry hockey surfaces to ensure the special fibres retain their moisture when necessary as part of our maintenance. Maybe you want a hockey pitch inspection, a pitch remarking, infill levels topping up or weed control; STM can provide a high quality package individualised to your specific needs with the highest quality equipment and a team of dedicated staff to ensure that we can maintain, optimise and you gaining the best hockey pitch surface!

Track maintenance
track maintenance

However badly maintained or old your pitch may be, we can offer something to allow it to spring back to a fully functioning surface whether it be an exclusive corrective Maintenance package or a resurfacing option.

Corrective Maintenance Resurfacing Options

If there are still questions that you would like answered, please do not hesitate to call Synthetic Turf Maintenance and we will be happy to discuss your artificial grass needs.

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