Synthetic Sport Surface Maintenance and Repair

29th June 2016

It is often a common myth that low maintenance means no maintenance. This is far from true, neglecting your synthetic sport surface can lead to multiple problems that could simply be avoided. These problems could be relating to infill, drainage, general appearance and performance. Having a scheduled maintenance plan should be included. Recognising that you need maintenance is the first step and lucky enough STM specialise synthetic sport surface maintenance.

So whether you have a football, rugby, hockey, tennis, playground or other synthetic sport surface Synthetic Turf Management can take care of your sport surface maintenance needs, take a look at just some things we do in the list below:

  • Drag Brushing
  • Grooming
  • De-compaction
  • Moss and Algae Vegetation Treatment
  • Power Sweeping
  • Checking Infill Levels
  • Seam Repairs
  • Granular Top Ups
  • Re-marking of lines 

Multi Use Games Areas need synthetic turf maintenance regularly

So now you know the basics take a wander outside, there are other things that you can do yourself to ensure you are on top of your sport surface maintenance:

  • Litter Picking
  • Drag Brushing
  • A Simple Inspection!