Astro Turf Maintenance Visit at Chaloner Primary School- Power Brushing

7th August 2017

Last year we were delighted to have the opportunity to transform Chaloner Primary School into a beautiful playground with artificial turf designs. No longer is the mud causing havoc and now the children can play outside all year round. We were back at the school to do an annual astro turf maintenance visit this week.

Chaloner Primary is in Guisborough, North Yorkshire. In March last year Synthetic Turf Management transformed the schools’ outdoor space with play artificial turf. This is a fantastic product to use for playgrounds as it has very good longevity and doesn’t go flat like traditional landscape astro turf grass. But even though this product doesn’t grow like natural grass, neither does it need watering, mowing or weeding… the grass still needs some sort of maintenance.

STM were on the scene.

Power Brushing

You may notice that occasionally debris may fall onto the surface, it is natural to pick up items such as leaves and litter (which should be done on a regular basis) however what about all the smaller items that build up within the grass? The most efficient way to get rid of these is through power brushing/sweeping.

removing debris from the surface with a power brushThe power brush helps to remove all the debris that would have otherwise contaminated the surface

power brushing the green turf

If a surface is not power brushed regularly as part of astro turf maintenance it could cause drainage issues and reduce the lifespan of the product

close up view of the power brush Some brushing can be done in house however STM offer thorough maintenance packages

finished result- pristine surfaceLeaving the surface looking brand new!

Power brushing is only one element of the maintenance visit, there is also drag brushing, de-compaction, vegetation control and so much more that is included in preventative maintenance.

Are you thinking it is too late to maintain your astro turf?

Don’t worry! We also offer corrective maintenance too and can recommend when you are in need of a full resurface.