Astro Turf Cleaning: How to Keep Your Surface Looking New for Longer

17th July 2018

Maintaining your astro turf in order to keep it looking healthy, durable and weather proof doesn’t have to be a difficult process. In fact, astro turf cleaning involves a combination of both out-sourced and in-house maintenance in a stress-free way that will extend the lifespan of your turf for many years to come.

Astro turf cleaning involves a combination of different processes:

  • Power sweeping
  • Drag Brushing
  • Repairs (if necessary)
  • Infill top up (rubber, sand or a combination)
  • Moss, weed and algae control
  • Vegetation treatment
  • Specialist de-compaction
  • Litter picking and removal of debris
  • Simple inspections

synthetic turf maintenance on playground

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