Synthetic Grass Maintenance

13th January 2017

Is your surface ready to embrace the heavy usage throughout the summer months? Do you think your surface will withstand another year of tackles, kicking, skidding, throwing and the typical British weather? An annual, bi-annual or quarterly maintenance could be just what you need to get your surface in ‘ship-shape’ again for the future.

Extend the Lifespan

Although artificial turf is low maintenance, this doesn’t mean no synthetic grass maintenance at all. Quite often many people will tell you that an artificial turf surface will last about 10 years, however if it is properly maintained and looked after, it is likely to last 15-20 years and look fantastic all year round. This shows the importance of artificial turf maintenance and luckily enough STM have a division which caters especially for that: Synthetic Turf Maintenance. 

Specialist machinery we use during our maintenance. This machine is a sweeper for artificial turf with infill


Ever played on a 3G pitch? You will notice the tiny rubber granules which go all over the place when you take your shoes off after a football match. Can you imagine how many people a week play on that pitch? There are so many ways in which the rubber granules are removed from the pitch and they often migrate to the edges. Often pitches need a top up and a redistribution of the infill. Depending on the usage you may find you need to do this more often than other facilities.

Corrective Maintenance

But machinery isn’t all just preventative, if there are any repairs that need sorting out, we will be on the scene as soon as we can to make sure you don’t lose any playing hours. This is called corrective maintenance.

For more advice on synthetic grass maintenance or if you would like an examination to see if you need a resurface, please don’t hesitate to call us today on 01642 713 555. You can also email