How to Maintain a Synthetic Sports Surface

16th January 2015

The use of the synthetic sports surface has grown exponentially over the last ten years, however there is a very common misconception that once they are installed, they require little to no maintenance. However, if you want to keep them looking good and remaining effective during play, then it is of utmost importance.

Artificial grass maintenance synthetic turf management

Keeping on top of the maintenance of your sports surface is key to keeping it looking fresh and consistently performing at its best and to the highest of standards. Permeability is a huge part of how a synthetic turf playground or sports surface can last a longer amount of time, so ensuring that dirt is removed periodically and the surface is in pristine condition is important.

The type of artificial grass that you choose, and the form of surface that you choose, whether it be a tennis court or a MUGA, will usually indicate just how much maintenance you will have to do over it’s total lifespan. However, we will define the maintenance conditions of your surface before we design and install it.

To keep your grass looking aesthetically pleasing at all times, you must follow the recommendations that Synthetic Turf Management recommend to you at the time of installation. As we are experts in this field, we will be able to tell you the specific needs of every product within our artificial turf range.

synthetic turf management artificial turf maintenance

All types of turf will have its own maintenance processes, however there are certain basic rules that you should follow at all times if you are going to invest in a synthetic surface.

The following steps should be adhered to at all times when you have an artificial turf surface:

  • Remove any waste and debris from the surface
  • Give your surface treatments to stop the growth of any weeds or other plants
  • Spend time cleaning the surface to remove any plant life, contamination, or muck of any kind. You may want to use a power washer to carry this out. This ensures a deep clean.
  • Re-distribute any loose areas of the surface, including filled surfaces
  • Keep on top of any damages that need repairing, as they could only get worse if left unmanaged
  • You must also make sure that any other equipment such as netting or goals are safe and in excellent working order

There will be different requirements for maintenance depending on what type of surface you possess and the type of activities that you plan on using it for. Before thinking about getting a synthetic sports surface installed you should plan your intended usage for it carefully to ensure that it won’t be overused. Getting the correct surface installed for the right use is imperative, otherwise the lifespan of your chosen artificial turf pitch or playground will greatly decrease.

Synthetic Turf Management maintaining grass surface

There are different types of upkeep processes that you can carry out on any synthetic sports surface. This can be from a methodical, routine cleaning to more advanced treatments such as those that require specialist equipment and cleaning fluids. Here are just a few main types of maintenance methods:

  • Brushing
  • Keeping the surface clean
  • Power brushing and decompaction
  • Deep and power cleaning 

At Synthetic Turf Management, we offer both preventative and corrective maintenance. Using certain measures, we can help you to optimise the durability and longevity of your artificial grass, all you need to do is ask.

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