North Yorkshire Tennis Club: Artificial Grass Maintenance

16th May 2018

Tennis court maintenance is one of our biggest services that we offer. Synthetic Turf Maintenance (STM) have worked with sports clubs all over the UK for many years and have completed everything from private domestic tennis courts, to multiple courts at professional clubs- we have even been to Wimbledon! What is great about STM is that we don’t necessarily have to have installed the surface. If you have had an artificial grass tennis court installed by another contractor, we can help you with your maintenance needs.

But this Tennis Club was one that we had installed and we have been completing their maintenance regularly for the last couple of years. Every time we get our specialist machines onto the artificial grass courts and work our magic.

maintenance machine on astro turf tennis courts

Artificial turf tennis courts are usually infilled with a sand (sand dressed or sand filled depending on the product). As part of our maintenance package we will complete a full sand rejuvenation and deep clean meaning we make sure the infill is free of contaminants and sitting in crucial areas of the surface. This is especially important in tennis as some areas of the surface are likely to be more frequently used than others.

artificial turf tennis surface close up imageAfter a good maintenance, the surface should look clean and be free of debris. We always keep an eye out for nearby plants and weeds to make sure that these stay clear of the surface.

view from behind the fence showing maintenance machine cleaning surface

Our maintenance machine

As part of our maintenance we always check the seams to make sure that the safety of the tennis courts is ‘top-notch’.

two tennis courts in artificial grassWe recommend that this tennis surface should have two visits annually. If you would like a free quote sending over with our recommendations, please email us:

If there are still questions that you would like answered, please do not hesitate to call Synthetic Turf Maintenance and we will be happy to discuss your artificial grass needs.

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