Artificial Grass Maintenance Service for Surrey School’s Sports Surface with Deep Clean Decompaction

6th September 2018

Yesterday the STM Maintenance team took a trip back to this Oxted School, 10 months after it was first installed to complete an artificial grass maintenance service.

STM’s maintenance service involves a combination of power brushing/sweeping, redistribution of infill, removal of contaminants and any decompaction or additional treatment needed to keep artificial grass surfaces looking new and clean for longer.

At this school a 1500 square metre MUGA was designed, supplied and installed by STM last November and the reaction by all the staff, pupils and parents was fantastic. The school cares very much about their MUGA and understand the importance of an artificial grass maintenance service.  

Deep Clean Decompaction

The most important part of this maintenance is using this Gianni Ferrari machine. It removes the contaminants that are compacted in the sand infill. The way this works is; it collects the infill through a big thick brush and acts as a sieve to separate the sand from the contaminants such as hair, dirt, skin and small pieces of litter. These contaminants are then stored in the machine and disposed of by the STM team off site. This process helps with the drainage and the overall cleanliness of the MUGA. It also helps to fluff up the pile of the artificial grass product.

artificial-grass-maintenance-serviceThe MUGA includes rust, green and blue turf with yellow and white line markings

The artificial grass maintenance service gives the surface a thorough clean and looks new.

Give the STM team a call on 01642 713 555 for a decompaction maintenance quote and full artificial grass service today.