Regardless of the playing time and level of maintenance, hockey pitch synthetic surfaces will eventually reach the end of their life and thus resulting in pitch performance decreasing significantly. The pitch will lose its attractiveness; at this stage a resurfacing should be considered as the best option to restore the surface back to its best.

We know hockey pitches. From full pitch installations at Redditch Hockey Club, to multi-use surfaces at secondary schools we aim to provide high quality synthetic pitches which are approved by the FIH and will last for many years to come.

Consultations are great for a number of different reasons, we see them as a way of understanding each individual customers needs and you can take this opportunity for advice and any queries to be answered professionally and affordably (as all schools and clubs are entitled to a free hockey pitch consultation!) We can provide a full pitch inspection of the existing pitch and recommend when will be the best time for resurfacing. Another opportunity that arises from consultations is that we can discuss other aspects of your facility including fencing. 

Here at STM we have the necessary equipment to uplift an existing hockey surface in the best and most efficient way possible! This is all in aid of protecting the existing base works to save our customers costs here as there may only be minimal repair and patching rather than a complete new base works.   

Then comes the removal of the existing artificial turf. We are always trying to seek the most environmentally friendly ways of disposing of the old turf and work together with our partners to look for the greenest solutions in disposal. 

Now is the exciting part! STM specialise in expertise and a wealth of knowledge of artificial turf. We installed over 50,000 square metres of synthetic turf last year so you can be assured that you are choosing a company who know what we are doing and have a team who want exactly the same result as our customers! Our hockey turf is accredited by the FIH (International Hockey Federation) so rest assured you are getting the best turf in the industry!

Aftercare is a service STM can supply and always strive for complete customer satisfaction which means that whether it is a week after installation or 10 years, we are here for the long run and can support you in the maintenance of your hockey surface for the best performance surface for the next 20 years! We also offer guarantees and warranties on our products.

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