3G pitches are often considered to be the number one choice for synthetic turf sports surfaces for both football and rugby. Since 3G became popular in the UK many years ago, we are approaching a time where many are reaching the end of their lifespan and need a full artificial turf resurface.

Resurfacing your 3G pitch should be interpreted as an opportunity for all sports clubs, schools and leisure centres around the country to resurface with an elite high performance surface.

STM have experiencing resurfacing a wide range of sports surfaces, with 3G being one of the most popular. From installs at professional football clubs such as Walsall Football Club to secondary school projects at Abraham Guest Academy, there isn't much STM can't do with 3G. 

STM provide free consultations on all of our 3G resurfacing projects. We can talk costs, high performance, durability, hours played and maintenance so that you know exactly what you are getting from your new pitch. Within our consultations we will provide a whole bank of advice, samples and a free no obligation quote. 

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For a 3G pitch uplift we always make sure that we use the most technologically advanced equipment in order to cut up the existing sports surface into more manageable segments. This is much easier for pitch removal and can help to make sure that the existing base works are protected during this process therefore they will need minimum patching and repair for the new surface. This is in order to save costs to our customers.

Sometimes the infill on 3G pitches causes problems when removing the existing surfaces as this adds extra dimensions to the disposal process. Even though landfill is a common option when disposing of your old 3G surface however STM always aim for the most environmentally friendly process of disposing of the old turf and we work with different partners to explore the possibilities of recycling which we are hoping to optimise in the near future. 

Then comes the resurface of your new 3G pitch. Choosing STM means that you are investing in expertise and a wealth of knowledge with any resurfacing job. We always aim for a massive improvement on the previous pitch.

Then after the new resurface comes the maintenance to ensure that you get the most performance out of your pitch over the lifespan of the turf. We also offer fantastic warranties and guarantees on our products. 

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